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Instructions for Parents, Coaches and "The Exclusive Project"

If you are setting up an ENDURO USA™ account, set your account up in YOUR name only.  (You must age 19, or older.) 

If you are setting up an account to enter your child in a sporting event, do NOT set the account up in your students (or child's) name. Set your account up in YOUR NAME only (as the adult). You will be able to add your student(s) to your rosters - depending on the type of meet your student(s) will be entering and whether they will be entering as a member of a school team, a club team, or as unattached (UNA).

If you have questions, please email kevin at the following address: kevin@runenduro.com

Exclusive Project

If you have an Exclusive Project Invitation Code (EPIC Number), enter it here

Enter the person's phone number that provided you this EPIC Number.

After you click the green button below ("Set Up My ENDURO USA Account"), you will receive an email that will enable you to "ACTIVATE" your new account.  If you do not receive your "Activation Email" contact Kevin for assistance:  kevin@runenduro.com - - - Before you email Kevin for assistance, check your "junk" and "trash" folders for your "Activation Email".

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